Why is my power washer backfiring? Get solution.

When you see your pressure washer start to backfire, it may cause some tension. But it is normal, and in some cases, you can solve it easily. Today I will try to share my opinions on why your power washer is backfiring. So, let’s try to find the exact reason to identify what happed to your pressure washer.

When your pressure washer is new, it can backfire due to new engine and fuel use. It may have several issues if it is an old one, but you can solve them with a quick tip. Lowering the throttle may fix the problem or stop backfiring, but you need a detailed diagnostic for the matter.

Reason for power washer backfiring

Reason for power washer backfiring

If you have a new pressure washer and are trying to fire it up, it may backfire as the new engine is not habituated with fuel. So, if that occurs, wait for a few minutes, and it will adjust and stop backfiring.

If used regularly, it may make some noise, but that is normal. Never take it seriously; run it on the lower throttle it will be back in normal position. Generally, it is caused by some dirt and fuel jam issues. Also, look at the engine, and air filter clogs too.

There are some other reasons like dirt in the air filter, clogged pipes, debris in the engine and these will make your power washer face trouble and start backfire. When you are analyzing the tool, be sure to check these also and take necessary action.

When you have left your pressure washer for several weeks and months, it may give you serious trouble. It may give starting issues, start backfiring and start wiggling. Even a few give such a big one that may make you afraid. So, that is for keeping it unused for a long time.

In this situation, your washer may have some issues; check them individually.

  • Is there any dirt and algae in the carburetor?
  • Is the fuel too old or mixed?
  • If the washer is running too hot?
  • If the throttle is not in position? Moving up and down?

If one of the reasons above is there, you have to solve it . Then your pressure washer will run smoothly and running it while backfiring is not a good idea at all.

Will backfire damage my Power washer?

Will backfire damage by Pressure washer

Backfire only happens when the engine is not in sound condition. It may have some trouble running; if that exists, it will behave oddly. Backfire and after the fire, both are bad for our engine.

If we try to understand from the engine perspective if the engine gets low airflow, improper fuel supply, defective spark plug, or fuel issues, then we know the problem.

But these are not only the causes but may also happen due to jams in the exhaust pipe and exhaust system. If we have all these ideas, we will be able to solve the backfire issue in no time.

If you notice any pressure washer issues, do not just wait. In that case, it may lead to permanent damage, so take necessary initiatives as early as possible, try to solve it yourself, or take assistance from an expert.

Why does my pressure washer backfire when I turn it off?

Why does my pressure washer backfire when I turn it off

Until now, we have discussed the backfire issues while running the pressure washer. But when it starts to backfire then turning it off is the best method. We need to know the right reason. There could be several reasons, but in most cases, you will find two of them are major.

If the washer is running for a longer time, then the temperature may rise. In this case, it will become too hot and may cause a backfire. Pressure washers are not built to run for hours, so we have to use them for several minutes, give some rest and use them again.

The throttle is a very important part that keeps the engine running at a higher and lower speed; it controls that according to our needs. But, you cannot speed it up and low very fast. These throttles are not too sensitive to match this kind of command. So, when you lower the throttle too quickly, the engine may not comply. So, take care of that when you are doing so.

We can easily handle this situation, keep the engine running for less time and keep the throttle lowering slowly.

Solution for Engine Backfire of your power washer

Solution of Engine Backfire

When you see your pressure washer is backfiring, you need to run it to lower throttle, which will keep the engine running at a slower pace. Do not do it abruptly, do it gradually and let the engine sit for a minute; it will adjust with the matter. If you still face the backfire issue after lowering the throttle, try to look at the airflow sensor and the air filter, if these are clogged, clean or replace these.

If you are unable to change the air filter, you can search for the tips online or can get expert help. On the other hand, if the pressure washer runs for a longer time, it may start backfiring; here, you can run your pressure washer for 8-10 minutes and leave it for some time. This way, it will not get a higher temperature, and you can use it without any disturbance.

If the nozzle is blocked, the washer will gain higher temperature and may misfire, so we have to clean the nozzles with a cleaning kit and test while starting.

Also, check the old fuel issues; if there are, replace them with new fuel. It will solve the mixture fuel and old fuel issues. If you find that the engine is dirty and having clog issues, you can try WD 40 without any extra effort, spray it on every corner and side to keep the engine running smoothly,

Electric Power Washer Backfire?

For the electric pressure washer, be careful about the electric shortage problem, do not run it on higher or lower power. It may burn. If your washer is not used for several months, check if there are any leaks or cable issues, you may need to check before starting it to avoid any unwanted shock.

You can solve most of the above issues by yourself and it is not necessary to pay some extra bucks for this kind of solution. But if the backfire issue still exists then go for expert assistance and solve the issues at once. Because at the end of the day, using a pressure washer with backfire issues is very risky for you.


Why does my pressure washer rev up and down?

It may occur to your pressure washer engine; check if any blockage in air circulation makes it go at a higher and lower speed. If your air filter has clogs with dirt or debris, then the filter cannot perform well and give you revving issues.

Why is my pressure washer jumping?

Always check that your pressure washer tip is clean and working. If there is a little bit of dirt, the pressure will be unstable, and your washer will start jumping. Check your pressure washer has any nozzle cleaner; use that to clean the tip or use a pin to clean it. The jumping issue will be solved at once.

How do I stop my pressure washer from surging?

There could be several issues, so we take some preventive measures to handle them.

  • We can clean the nozzle and test it if that is working properly
  • The unloader should be in the right position and state
  • Check the air filter and replace it if that is blocked
  • Keep the inlet hose clean
  • Ensure proper water supply and start with low throttle
  • Check the valves and keep the engine clean.

Why is my pressure washer making a grinding noise?

Only imbalanced air circulation can make this kind of sound. So, check if there is an opening on the engine or lean in plumbing that will create a bubble and cause a grinding noise. If you can solve the issue, that is better, or take it to a service center where they will solve the issue. Buying another washer will cost extra money.

Last few words

I have discussed the pressure washer backfire issue in detail, there are many reasons, and I have mentioned them to make the identification process easy for you. I hope you can identify the causes now and understand the problems.

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