How to use a pressure washer: Effective guidelines for beginner.

If you do not know how to use a pressure washer, this guide will help you to understand about pressure washer’s use and functions. However, among all other equipment, a pressure washer is one of the best precious tools that can clean any surface fast. Pressure washers are very effective and much quicker than old days scrub brushes. Anyway, you must know how to operate it correctly and effectively before starting, as it produces high pressure and faster wash.

Before moving on, you should know few terms to understand.

GPM: GPM stands for gallons per minute; it describes the flow rate of the water. Higher GPM means the less water-efficient machine.

PSI: pounds per square inch is a kind of measurement which measures the pressure of any liquids. In another way, we can understand the power of any machine from its PSI. The bigger PSI, the stronger the spray machine can produce.

CU: (Cleaning Unit ) = GPM x PSI. Usually, the higher the CU, the more efficient and powerful the machines are.

How pressure washers work?

How to use a pressure washer

Whether motors or engines, pressure cleaners power them, start a pump that pressurizes the water from the hose to 1000 lbs. or more, then strengths it out through a spray wand. For cleaning any surface, this high-pressure water gun plays a fantastic role. It removes all the dirt and stains from the pointed area without damaging anything.

Two types of basic pressure washers (Electrical Pressure washers and Gas pressure washers) are available in the market, which helps us to lead a speck of dirt or grime-free life. Let’s have a look at the following pressure washers to understand their work nature in a glimpse. 

Electric Pressure washer

Electric Pressure washer

Electric pressure washers are the best choice for small to medium duties like cleaning any surface, cleaning grills, washing your mountain bikes or cars, or any other vehicles. The average PSI range of an Electric pressure washer is around 1300 to 3000 psi.

The superior the pressure (measured in PSI), the intense the cleaning tasks they can tackle. It requires a constant, uninterrupted supply of water (in GPM). For irregular use, most householders will search for a machine with a pressure range of 1800 to 2800 psi that works best for them.

Gas Pressure washer

Gas Pressure washer

Gas pressure washers are the best pick for great projects like preparing to the side for painting, removing “aging” stains from wood decks, and deep-washing concrete.

Usually, the gas pressure washer’s PSI is around 2,000 to 2,800 on average. With the help of a gas pressure washer, we can get rid of heavy-duty cleaning jobs like paint removal, mildew stain removal, and farm equipment cleaning. Gas-pressure washers cost $300 to $700 (approx.) depending on the pressure they give, their features, and the engine and pump standard.

How to use a pressure washer safely?

As pressure washers are highly powered spray guns, so there is always a chance that this pressure washer of high-speed water can damage your property. It can strip paint from your car or can break your windows, or gouge holes in brick. It can harm you bodily such as electrocution, lacerations, or deadly falls. So, before you start to run any pressure washer, you need to understand its safe operating procedure. 

Washers’ safety tips apply to all pressure washers.

  • Manual: Before starting, anyone should go through the operating procedure of the machines in the Manual. This Manual will help operate your machines and give you information about replacement parts, customer policy, warranties.
  • Wearing protective gears: You must wear all the protective gear like safety goggles, gloves, safety shoes, and ear protection if you plan to start your pressure washer. Wearing protective gear will keep you safe from different kinds of hazards. 
  • Zero-degree nozzle toss: It’s a fast pressure (red) nozzle that flows a very narrow stream of water, which can injure you physically or can damage your property. So, use the nozzle very carefully.
  • Surroundings. The surroundings need to be paid special attention to see if there are any exterior lights and vents or any windows are open, then those need to be covered or closed immediately. Get all the hazards out of the way like hoses, furniture, wires, potted plants, toys or pets, and finally kids.
  • No ladders! A pressure washer usually produces high force so that a severe kickback can lead to a nasty fall and damage anything. So, it would best to avoid ladder while washing.
  • Hands off. While washing anything, we should never let our hands or any other body parts in the way of a pressure washer. It may brutally injure. Moreover, don’t spray it on anyone, especially children, which should keep away from a pressure washer.

Safety related Products

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Special safety tips to apply for Electric and Gas pressure washer

In the case of an Electric pressure washer, please avoid extension cords as you are pairing water and electricity, so there is always a chance of electrocution if the cord is not properly grounded. Even the warranty in some models may void due to extension cords. Moreover, it can also shorten the life of any pressure washer. So, before using any extension cord, consult your manufacturer or see the user manual.

As a gas pressure washer is a piece of heavy equipment, we should never operate it in an enclosed space or indoors. For exhaust, it requires adequate ventilation as it contains carbon monoxide. If you feel exhausted, tired, overly fatigued, or have trouble breathing, turn the machine off and get into the fresh air. The engine gets pretty hot during operating, so please turn off the machine when you are done and let it cool. Please keep the hoses away from the engine to avoid melting.

Apart from few differences, the operating procedures are almost similar between gas or electric washer. However, before starting a pressure washer, everyone should read the washer’s user manual and follow the instructions to avoid any mishandling. 

How to use a pressure washer: 01-10 Steps

  1. Sweep or brush all free soil and junk from the surface you’re washing.
  1. Before starting, the garden hose needs to connect with the water inlet. Ensure your hose can supply the needful GPM for the unit Measure how long it requires for a garden hose to fill a 5-gallon tub at full stream. For example, you’d need up to a 50-feet hose washer for 2.5 GPM with an inside width of ¾ inch diameter.
  1. Be sure both pressure hose and garden are free from obstructs and kinks.
  1.  The detergent reservoir (if using a cleaner) with a detergent solution.
  1. Set the spray wand to off or a low-pressure setting to prevent kickback when the washer is started. Washers with variable nozzles should be in a low-pressure, wide-angle setting. At this point, make sure there’s no tip on a washer that uses interchangeable tips.
  1. Turn the faucet on fully.
  1. Squeeze wand trigger to release air pressure.
  1. Check hose connections for leaks.
  1. To start the engine or motor: For a gas power washer, adjust the choke and throttle if needed, brace your foot against a wheel to steady the machine, then pull the starter cord to start the engine. For electricity, plug into a grounded GFCI outlet and flip the on/off switch to “on.”
  1.  Let the water run through the machine for about a minute to prime the system. But never let it idle for longer than 3-5 minutes to prevent overheating the pump.

How to use a pressure washer: 11-15 Steps

  1.  With trigger off, attach a low-pressure nozzle, or keep the adjustable nozzle on low. Always start with low pressure and work your way up.
  1.  Hold the wand with both hands. Plant feet firmly on the ground.
  2.  Start with low pressure, about 18 inches from the cleaning surface. Move in a side-to-side motion at a 45-degree angle to the surface.
  1.  Keep moving. Don’t stay in one spot, or you risk damage to the surface. Move the spray in overlapping lines to avoid streaks.
  1.  If you need more pressure, try moving the spray closer to the surface, but no more than 6 inches away. Or lock the trigger on the wand and attach a higher-pressure tip.

How to use a pressure washer to wash a car?

How to use a pressure washer to wash a car

Pressure washing is one of the fastest ways to clean your vehicles, boat, and any surfaces. A pressure washer can be used on almost anything that needs cleaning – from concrete driveways to wood decks to metal roofs. Moreover, it would be best to clean your car with a pressure washer and get it to sparkle forever. Anyways, there are some things you should never do when pressure washing your car, other than the ones you should always do. Let’s figure it out below:

Do  it

The dos

  • First, check that the scrub brushes you are using are in good condition, clean, and suitable for the car. Even if you use a very powerful pressure washer, it won’t damage the paint as a stiff bristle brush would.
  • Choose a pressure washer that can allocate both water and detergent/soap. It will significantly facilitate the washing process.
  • You can use the detergent or any other cleaning agents that suit both your car and washer as well.
  • Wearing closed-toe shoes accidentally sprayed on foot with a pressure washer can be painful.
  • To avoid any damage, close your car’s door and windows properly.
  • Sponges and brushes that you use regularly should be rinsed thoroughly. If you don’t, the sand on the brush will drag across the paint.

The don’ts

  • Keep the nozzle away from your car so as not to damage the paint.
  • If you are using a heavy-duty machine, be sure not to use settings intended for anything more challenging or stripping. 
  • In no way, the parts under the car hood should wash with high pressure.
  • Do your best to avoid washing your car on small areas of gravel or cobbles. During pressure washing, pebbles and gravel can bounce off your car’s surface and paint, causing it to flake off.
  • Do not start the machine without having properly diluted the detergents. 
  • Never try to clean your car from the bottom up, as gravity will not be in your favor. Always go from the roof down.
  • Do not let the high-pressure washer nozzle wash one spot for too long. Depending on its surface, you may cut it or, normally, peel your vehicle’s paint. The water flow of the machine is constantly moving. 
  • Last but not least, try to resist the temptation to spray plants or siblings, for example. A hose full of water is fun, but it can turn into a rather painful tool when paired with a pressure washer.

Be sure to read your pressure washer manual before you start using it, as it lists the recommended wash distance, as well as some tips and tricks for maintaining brushes and pressure washers.

Can you use a power washer without an outside tap?

Can you use a power washer without an outside tap

Yes, you can use it without an outside tap. Portable pressure washers have their water tank with them, and this has been designed in such a way that they can use their tank without any other sources even though you can keep your garden hose aside to use a portable pressure washer.

How to use a pressure washer without an outside tap?

How to use a pressure washer without an outside tap
Using a water barrel

Well, if you don’t have any source of a dedicated external faucet, you can use a water barrel to get enough water for your pressure washer. This method is compatible with the bucket, and you will need a filtered inlet hose on the pressure washer to prevent it from sucking up debris.  

The advantage of a barrel over a bucket is that you have a lot more water. If your barrel is fitted with a tap on the bottom, this will also help to increase the water pressure, leading to better cleaning.

Use an indoor tap

It’s a straightforward option, and that’s what I do in my house, where we’re off the tap. Depending on the type of faucet you have in your home, you can choose from various faucet adapters.

Several models of faucet adapters are available in the market, and those are customized to work with various types of the sink. The one below is what I got, and it works great on my sink; it is intended to work on sinks with a straighter tap.

Once the faucet adapter is installed, you can attach a garden hose to it and connect it to your pressure washer.

Use a Bucket

Some pressure washing machines can paint with only a bucket of water. However, now no longer all can so make sure yours is proper for this. A pressure washer using a bucket in the strain washing machine will require a clear-out on it if you are using a bucket.

If the road doesn’t clear out, all forms of particles and dust should get sucked up into the strain purifier from the bucket. Some pressure washers have a metallic clear out over the give up of one of the in hoses.

The handiest trouble with that is how rapidly you’ll deplete the water within side the bucket. While jet washers don’t use as lots water as you might imagine, they may nonetheless get thru a bucket complete earlier than too long.

How to Maintain a Pressure Washer?

Before starting maintenance of a pressure washer, we need to know why we should maintain it regularly. Well, we should make regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs, prevent breakdowns, avoid inconvenience, and ensure consistent performance.

Maintenance steps vary by model, but proper pressure washer maintenance will ensure efficient operation and long life.

Routine Maintenance

Manufacturers consulted general inspections and scheduled maintenance processes. Washer pump care is most important if you store units in freezing temperatures. Commonly, gas washers need more maintenance than electric devices, adding changing the air filter, oil, and spark plug. Please read our guide’s article on Pressure Washer Maintenance for gradual instructions about some simple maintenance procedures.

Pressure Washer Repair and Troubleshooting

When the device repairs generally must be handled by empowered service personnel, you may take fixes for some matters. Whatever common problems and solutions are below, always check the manual for complete information on safely troubleshooting your machine.

Engine or motor doesn’t start: Follow your device’s procedure for relieving pressure buildup in the process. On the electric unit, check to see if the washer’s circuit breaker has tripped, and if so, permit the machine to cool down before starting again.

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How to use a pressure washer with detergent?

How to use a pressure washer with detergent

Detergent or cleaning agent plays a vital role in cleaning heavy dirt faster. This will help you to get rid of unexpected, weird situations and make things presentable.

Types of Pressure Washer Detergents or Cleaners

High-pressure washers normally have detergents that are classified as either cleaners, sanitizers, or disinfectants.

Usually, high-pressure washer machines are enabled using detergents. Those detergents can be identified as Cleaners, disinfectants, or sanitizers.

To remove dirt, we can use cleaners, but we need to keep in mind that cleaners can not kill microorganisms. On the other hand, sanitizers can kill 99.99% of bacteria. Moreover, disinfectants can also kill organisms, but it needs at least 10 to 12 minutes to work. Well, while choosing detergent, you need to be more careful either the detergents are biodegradable or not.


While using detergent in your pressure washer, please don’t use any extension. It would be best if you went through the instructions manual to get the right nozzle type and their setup. From the setting, you can gradually adjust the pressure till you get the exact density of detergents suds forming. To cover all the area, you should start spraying towards upward motion. Before rinsing, do not let your detergents dry.

Chemical guys car wash review

After ages of research, the product specialist team from Chemical Guys came up with a reviving technology of extreme wax car wash soap and body wash. With the help of their invention, they have brought back the ultimate bright shine of the brand-new car. Their invented soap helps you to remove brake dust, grime, dirt, and grease in such a way that no one even can’t imagine the previous condition of your car before washing.

Its formula for synthetic car wax, along with recommended car wash soap, helps you make a protective coating on the car’s surface, which helps you keep your vehicle free from any dust, dirt, and rainwater so your vehicle will be safe and dirt free.

Add a few ounces of extreme body wash and wax to your 5-gallon bucket wash to create a thick, soapy lather, or put some lather in the foam gun or cannon to spray your car with a heavy detergent lather detergent -auto.

Even in sunlight, you can use this extreme shower gel and wax as both are pH balanced. Moreover, it will not harm your car and keep any stain on the surface after the wash. So, these cleaning agents will be a good choice for professionals or any retail enthusiast who have to wash a fleet every day with the help of Car washer. A shiny brand-new car with the help of Chemical Guys Body Soap can be a great combination.

Directions for use Shake well and add 1 3 oz bucket to 5 gallons or 32 oz solution tank foam cannon or gun Flush vehicle to remove dirt and debris Cannon or foam gun: spray the vehicle with thick wash foam to protect the paint from swirls and scratches.

Specifications of chemical guys car wash

  • Dimensions: ‎9.06 x 5.12 x 3.54 inches (L x W x H)
  • Item: Foam, Wax
  • Brand: ‎Chemical Guys
  • Manufacturer: ‎Chemical Guys
  • Weight: ‎4.5 pounds
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Model: ‎CWS20764
  • Scent: Grapefruit
  • Volume: 64 Fluid Ounces
  • Unit Count: 64 Fl Oz

Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo: Wash your Car.  


For the weekly maintenance wash, Adam’s Car wash is a pH-neutral washing soap. You can even wash your vehicle under direct sunlight, and this will not harm you anyway. This new formulation of car wash soap creates a smooth feel, lubricating all of your paint surfaces to safely lift dirt and reduce the risk of clear coat damage. Adam’s car wash shampoo is a PH level 7 and will not cause any damage to your vehicle or painted surfaces.

The benefits are:

1) It has been formulated with an anti-foaming agent that helps prevent bubbles from forming on your vehicle during the cleaning process.

2) The product contains no phosphates or silicates, which help keep the water clean for more extended periods.

3) no harsh chemicals such as ammonia or peroxide have been used in its production.

4) Its non-toxic method makes it safe for use around kids and pets.

5) It does not contain any harmful ingredients like dyes, fragrances, preservatives, etc.

6) It leaves behind a residue-free finish after drying.

7) It works well at removing road grime, tar, oil, grease, dust, pollen, salt spray, bird droppings, bugs, insects, mud, sand, snow, dew, frost, rust, mildew, algae, fungus, mold, and other contaminants.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Adam’s strives to provide the best car cleaning products, including microfiber towels, waxes, sealants, ceramic coating, mops, brushes, gloves, sponges, garages, and other high-quality car cleaning products for the automotive service industry. We’ll do our best to make it accurate if you’re not pleased.

Chemical Guys: Car wash foam soap

The oxidation process can be prevented with gentle and regular cleaning. Glossworkz at neutral pH brings new light to paint finishes and maximizes the shine of any surface. Glossworkz is highly lubricating which is biodegradable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and free from harsh detergents. 

An organic alternative to traditional solid soaps and strippers. The very first paint cleaner with shine booster chemistry. Give your paints, waxes, and sealants the highest level of shine by extending their life after each wash. It can be used over freshly painted areas.

Specifications of best car wash soap

  • Dimensions: ‎9.1 x 5.5 x 3.6 inches (L x W x H)
  • Item: Foam
  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • Manufacturer: ‎Chemical Guys
  • Country of Origin: ‎USA
  • Model: ‎CWS_133_64
  • Weight: ‎4.39 pounds
  • Scent: Watermelon
  • Volume: 64 Fluid Ounces
  • Unit Count: 64 Fl Oz

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Do you turn the water on before you start a pressure washer?

It must not be connected to a source of potable water. It’s important to purge the system of excess air before starting a pressure washer because it will fill with water. If you squeeze the gun’s trigger, the air will be released.

Can you use a garden hose on a pressure washer?

Yes, of course, you can use Garden hoses on a pressure washer. Pressure washers are designed for the highest-pressure level, typically between 1,300 and 2,400 psi.

Do you need soap for the pressure washer?

Soaps and detergents help remove dirt and stains so that you have an easier time with cleaning tasks. The next time you ask, “Do you need detergent for a pressure washer?” You will know the answer is yes.

How to use a pressure washer to remove paint?

Removing exterior paint requires a greater pressure-flow than gentle scrubbing jobs like cleaning a roof. Therefore, you need to find a pressure washer up to the task. A pressure having 2000 PSI or higher can remove the paint properly. Setting the unit to 2000 will not work either. You will need a pressure washer capable of spraying over 3000 psi for more efficiency.

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